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We are extremely proud of this partnership in which we firmly believe and which will allow us to manage together with Ducati an official team with two very competitive riders. We have decided to enter the world of racing as it has many links with our own world of web services and it shares key pillars such as the continuous search of maximum performances, increasing reliability and constant attention to security. We shall face this new challenge with the same commitment and passion we provide to our customers each day.

Stefano Cecconi
CEO of Aruba S.p.A


Aruba S.p.A., founded in 1994, is the n. 1 Web service company in Italy. Aruba offers 4 main services: Hosting and Domains, e-Security, Cloud and Data Center services. The company manages over 2.1 million domains, 7.4 million email accounts, 5 million PEC accounts, 100.000 servers and a total of over 4.7 million customers. In addition, it also provides dedicated server, housing and colocation services, managed services, digital signature, digital preservation, SSL Certificates and smart cards. Thanks to Aruba Business brand, it offers all its own services to a vast network of IT partners, and via its brand, it provides document delivery and recovery services throughout Italy. Aruba is a member of AIIP association (Associazione Italiana Internet Provider), founder partner of AHR (Associazione Hoster e Registrars) and ‘Asso-certifiers’ that gathers the main certifiers of digital signature and managers of certified email.
The company is active within major European markets such as the French, UK and German market, it claims its leadership in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and a consolidated presence in Poland and Hungary. In 2011 our service portfolio widened with the introduction of Cloud services and since 2014 it has been the Official Registry for the prestigious ".cloud” extension. It is one of the founding member of CISPE, the coalition created among the Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe, and a member of the Open Cloud Foundation. Aruba has extensive experience in managing data centers with a network of owned and partner data centers capable of hosting over 25.000 racks in Italy and Europe. It also received the most important accreditations such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for data center services, ISO 14001 about environmental management systems and the GO accreditation (Guarantee of Origin) that certifies that all the energy used in the data centers is coming from 100% renewable energy sources.

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