Terms and Conditions

Your statutory customer rights are not affected.

A. Definitions

'The Company'

Securit (GB) Ltd

The Glass Yard Speedshop

12 The Glass Yard

Sheffield Road

Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 8JY 
Telephone: 01246 472758 or 07769652077 
Online: Contact Us

'The Customer'

The person, company or organisation purchasing goods or services from 'The Company', as shall be entered within the 'customer' section of all Company sales order/ecommerce/invoice documentation.


B. Overview Of Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (last updated November 2017) shall apply to the sale and supply of garden buildings and associated services by 'The Company', to the entity hereby referred to as 'The Customer'. 'The Company' means of good practice and retail compliance is primarily regulated by the 'Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the Consumer Contracts  (Consumer contracts (Information,cancellation and additional charges) Regulations 2014 (ICACS). This document contains references to the said regulations and has been supported with background information gained from the web sites of related parties, being; Department for business innovation and skills . Any order placed by 'The Customer' whether in person, by telephone, by mail or online (ecommerce) shall form a legally binding contract of sale, thus whilst the below terms are extensive they are given to define and protect the due rights of both 'The Customer' and 'The Company'.



  • 1.1 Legal ownership of any goods supplied shall remain vested to 'The Company', until such time that full payment of order/invoice monies has been received from 'The Customer'.
  • 1.2 Should the 'The Customer' obtain goods without making full payment, 'The Customer' accepts that 'The Company' retains the right to demand and receive immediate settlement of all outstanding monies prior to transfer of ownership, or the 'The Customer' grants 'The Company' unrestricted access to reclaim the goods, at which point the order cancellation process (section 7 below) shall be instigated. The saleable condition of the goods prior to any reclaim is sole the responsibility of 'The Customer'.


  • 1.3 'The Company' reserves the right to cancel any order within 72 hours after the order has been placed.



  • 2.1 All pricing as shown upon 'The Company' literature and this web site are shown in (£) Pounds Sterling.
  • 2.2 All pricing as shown upon 'The Company' literature and this web site are shown inclusive of the current prevailing rate of Value 


  • 2.3 All pricing as shown upon any branded literature provided, i.e; manufacturer brochures, is provided for information only and does not form part of a sale. 'The Company' web site pricing shall prevail and apply at point of sale.


  • 2.4 All goods as priced, except those defined in 2.5, shall be supplied free of delivery charge when delivered to addresses in mainland locations throughout England, Wales and Scotland.


  • 2.5 Our 'free delivery' pricing does not apply to all products and all UK locations. Individual product pages detail the free delivery area serviced upon a product-by-product basis.


  • 2.6 For orders where 2.5 applies, 'The Company' shall notify 'The Customer' of; (a) whether their location is serviceable, and (b) any extra delivery or service charges.


  • 2.7 Should 'The Customer' accept our revised service and pricing offered under 2.6 the order shall be revised and proceed. If declined, 'The Company' will cancel 'The Customers' order and refund all order monies received.


  • 2.8 'The Company' pricing is reviewed upon a calendar monthly basis, but revisions will be applied at any time for; (a: increases) material and manufacturer price rises, or (b: reductions) offers or promotions as defined.


  • 2.9 'The Company' reserve the right to offer 'The Customer' reduced pricing should they; (a) use a voucher code, (b) offer volume incentive, or (c) offer other incentive where discretion can be applied.


  • 2.10 'The Company' cannot retrospectively apply pricing changes once an order has been fully processed.


  • 2.11 'The Company' cannot retrospectively apply a voucher code to an order once it has been fully processed.


  • 2.12 Prices stated on pro-forma invoices issued by 'The Company' are only valid until the valid date stated on the pro-forma. Pro-forma orders where payment is received after the valid date may be rejected if the product price has changed. Upon rejection, any payment received will be duly returned.




  • 3.1 'The Company' standard payment terms are full payment with order.


  • 3.2 Payments are only accepted in (£) Pounds Sterling.


  • 3.3 Payments are only accepted by the following means; BACS (electronic banking), Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta and Electron.


  • 3.4 'The Company' actively strive to prevent credit/debit card fraud. All card-based orders without exception are subjected to cardholder name, address and other security checks as deemed essential.


  • 3.5 'The Company' retain the right to undertake any third party search as necessary, such as via 'The Company' card processing organisation, to satisfy that 'The Customer' card details are valid.


  • 3.6 It is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to always provide their registered cardholder address when requested. Any processing delays caused by incorrect data provision will not be at the fault of 'The Company'.


  • 3.7 'The Company' reserves the right to alter the standard payment terms of any customer if deemed appropriate, or where special terms form part of a package deal or offer.


  • 3.8 'The Company' reserves the right to reject orders should details supplied by 'The Customer' fail to pass security checks detailed in 3.5 and 3.6


  • For business trade customers Securit GB Ltd accepts payment by company cheque, debit card, credit card or BACS transfer. For all orders, we will require payment by Pro-forma Invoice and payment must be made in full before the goods have been started to be manufactured, any delay will delay the delivery date.




  • 4.1 'The Company' shall aim to fulfil all orders at the earliest opportunity subject to 4.3, using the distribution infrastructure provided by the manufacturer of the branded product chosen.


  • 4.2 'The Company' delivery periods as published are given in good faith and are anticipated, based upon manufacturer guidance. Delivery can occur sooner or later than the anticipated timescales.


  • 4.3 The delivery period will commence from point of cleared payment, thus (a) next working day upon card-based orders.


  • 4.4 Delivery periods are provided in working days (i.e; 20 working days = 4 weeks), to account for the incidence of public holidays and that manufacturers transport typically operate weekdays only.


  • 4.5 Deliveries are made weekdays only, typically during the hours of 7.00am to 7.00pm, however this can vary by manufacturer. 'The Company' is not able to offer timed deliveries.


  • 4.6 The party delivering on behalf of 'The Company' shall be instructed to contact 'The Customer' to advise a delivery date near the term of their order. Notice may vary between 1 and 5 working days.


  • 4.7 Product delivery (supply only) shall be to kerbside or driveway only. It is at the discretion of the carrier or delivery driver, should they decide to transit the goods to an alternative point upon the property of 'The Customer'.


  • 4.8 As 'The Company' is not the manufacturer of the branded products, it cannot be held responsible for delay in delivery caused by; (a) the manufacturing process, or (b) third party such as a contracted carrier.


  • 4.9 Should the delivery period extend beyond (whichever is longer) that published, subsequently notified or 30 days after the date of order 'The Customer' can cancel their order without penalty.


  • 4.10 It is the responsibility of the 'The Customer' to provide free and unobstructed access for product delivery and subsequent usage. Any failed, abortive or return delivery charges shall be recovered from 'The Customer' at cost.


  • 4.11 'The Company' products are mainly large and sectional that will not fit through a pedestrian door. As 4.10, it is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to notify any access concerns to 'The Company' at point of order.


  • 4.12 In the interests of Health & Safety for 'The Company' employees, manufacturers or contractors, on delivery our bulky products shall not be; (a) lifted over walls, fences etc, and (b) transited to other floors other than highway level.


  • 4.13 All delivered goods have to be signed for (POD) by the 'The Customer' or their appointed representative, at which point responsibility and risk of the goods (not title if unpaid) shall pass to 'The Customer'.


  • 4.14 If 'The Customer' cannot be in attendance on delivery, prior written authority and acceptance of responsibility to leave the unattended product must to [email protected].


  • 4.15 'The Company' will not bear any abortive costs arising from 'The Customer' due to a failed delivery, as the delivery process is operated by each manufacturer beyond the control of 'The Company'.


  • 4.16 "Expected", "Typical", "Anticipated" and "Estimated" delivery dates stated on 'The Company' website and associated literature do not imply guaranteed delivery dates. See also


  • 4.17 It is the duty of 'The Customer' to make themselves available to be contacted prior to delivery. Should 'The Company' or its chosen agent is unable to contact 'The Customer' the delivery of the order will be adversely affected.


  • 4.18 The Company' is not liable for delivery delays or failures caused by factors outside of 'The Company' control including "Acts of Nature", adverse weather conditions, road accidents, vehicle breakdown or personal illness.


  • 4.19 Delivery shall only be made to a registered residential or commercial address. Delivery will not be made to an allotment, car park, waste ground etc.


  • On the delivery terms:

    •  If the customer decides to alter the specification by adding an optional extra or alter the product, Securit GB Ltd must have two weeks notice to amend the order. If the customer doesn’t give adequate timescale the delivery date maybe delayed.

    • Signature of delivery note/order form is deemed to have accepted these conditions of sale.

    • Any periods of time quoted for delivery are to be treated as estimates. Securit (GB) Ltd shall not be held responsible for any losses suffered as a result of delivery outside the estimated delivery time.

    • Please note that before installation can take place a level, firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2” thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat and secure. See the above dimensions section for the recommended base size. 


  • If our installation team arrive on site and the ground is not suitable the store will not be installed. There will be additional charges if there is time wasted on site.

    • Delivery shall deem to be effective when goods are unloaded at the delivery address nominated by the Buyer.

    •  If Securit GB Ltd are unable to deliver the goods due to access problems or the site is not prepared correctly any costs incurred will be passed onto the customer.


  • 5.1 All products are sold and supplied for self-assembly  by 'The Customer', unless otherwise stated.


  • 5.2 Where an installation service option is shown and selected by 'The Customer', this service will be undertaken at the stated cost in a diligent and professional manner.


  • 5.3 To ensure installation  can be completed, the customer may be required to; (a) provide a concrete or paved base, being firm, square (diagonals) and level (by spirit level) - no less than the size of their chosen product, (b) ensure 600mm (2') unobstructed access is provided all around the proposed site, (c) no trees, branches or similar encroach upon the proposed site or working space, and (d) provide clear external pedestrian access (not height or turn limited) to allow unimpeded passage of the product sections or components.


  • 5.4 If on arrival the base prepared by 'The Customer' does not comply to 5.3 or offer serviceable support for the product as defined by the manufacturer, 'The Customer' shall be liable for an action of their choosing as defined under 5.5 or 5.6.


  • 5.5 Upon abortive installation, the product can be left for self-assembly by 'The Customer', but the installation  service fee or 10% of product price (whichever is greater) shall be retained to account for the abortive labour costs. Some manufactures may also charge a revisiting charge.


  • 5.6 Upon abortive installation, the product can be left until 'The Customer' provides an appropriate base, at which point a return erection visit can be arranged upon payment of an additional charge similar to that defined in 5.5. The initial fee having been retained to account for the initial aborted labour costs. (charges can be  up to 20% of the total order value).


  • 5.7 For supply only orders, the customer should not arrange or commence any erection service privately until they have received their product and have fully checked that their product is both complete and sound.


  • 5.8 'The Company' will not bear any abortive costs arising from 'The Customer' or their privately employed labour, due to the failure of 'The Customer' to check the product as defined in 5.7, or while awaiting receipt of any missing or replacement parts.


  • 5.9 See section 12.3 regarding personal injury.


6.On the product terms & warrantee:

All Securit GB Ltd Stores are covered by the manufacturer’s comprehensive 10 year warranty.  This warranty covers product faults and outer skin perforation by rust if used under normal working conditions.

Securit GB Ltd no longer manufactures these products, any warranty is cover by a third party British manufacturer.

The warranty is invalid if the maintenance schedule has not been adhered to.

The locks must be regularly oiled and maintained, if this is not done the locks are not covered by warrantee.

We recommend in hash weather conditions (i.e cold & wet) to cover the locks with a rag and a plastic bag, which will protect the lock.

The locks are guaranteed for 1 year, parts only, against faults occurring through normal use not through a person(s) tampering with the lock.

Lock Warranty

All locks are covered by a 12 month warranty from the manufacture.  

Our warranty is invalid if the maintenance schedule has not been adhered to.

The locks must be regularly oiled and maintained, if this is not done the locks are not covered by warrantee.

We recommend in hash weather conditions (i.e. cold or wet) to cover the locks with a rag and a plastic bag, which will protect the lock.

Optional extras, accessories, electrical components are guaranteed under the manufacture’s warrantee (i.e. 1 years guarantee, parts only).

Securit GB Ltd are not liable nor offers any guarantees of any work done by third parties i.e. electricians and builders.

On damage goods, non delivery of items and returning no faulty goods:

You can cancel undelivered orders up to the day before despatch (the day of despatch is taken to be the day we send you an email to confirm despatch) - after that please follow the returns policies. When you return an item to Securit GB Ltd, it is important to us that you return it unused in its original condition, with all tags attached and the item returned is protected on its journey back with the inner and outer box we used to send it to you.




  • 7.1 All goods are newly manufactured for sale or to order, as described upon 'The Company' web site. We do not retail seconds or ex-display products, thus a return should be considered unlikely.


  • 7.2 A return or cancellation of supply only goods can be instructed up to 14 working days after the date of delivery (except 7.3), as defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


  • 7.3 'The Customer' has no right to cancel at any time should their order include any modification or bespoke requirements agreed with the customer at the order stage.


  • 7.4 The statement in 7.3 is formed from the 'Exceptions to the right to cancel' as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  


  • 7.5 A return or cancellation should be made in a durable means as defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 being; either in writing to 'The Company' address or by email to [email protected]


  • 7.6 It is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to meet all product return costs, either by their own arrangement or at the direct cost levied to 'The Company'. Stated, this provision is as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


  • 7.7 It is the responsibility of 'The Customer' to retain possession and take reasonable care of the goods, until the goods have been returned to the possession of; 'The Company', the manufacturer or a carrier appointed by either.


  • 7.8 All return costs sought by 'The Company' shall be deducted from the order monies held, thus any refund to 'The Customer' shall be passed less this return charge.


  • 7.9 Return costs are not fixed and are based upon variables such as product and location. Typical return costs begin at £35 for a basic pre-packed item, through £60-£95 for an average shed,


  • 7.10 Where 'The Customer' instructs 'The Company' to undertake a collection and return, 'The Company' shall notify 'The Customer' of the return charge by email or telephone prior to undertaking the process.


  • 7.11 'The Company' will not profit from any return charges received from 'The Customer'. A return charge will always equate to the cost 'The Company' expended.


  • 7.12 Reimbursement (refund) of cancelled order monies held, less the return delivery charge defined in 7.6 to 7.11, shall be made in a period not exceeding 30 days as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


  • 7.13 Statute states that a product should be returned in its original condition, thus fit for re-sale as new. We shall therefore reject the return of any product where assembly has been commenced, thus rendering the product as 'used'.


  • 7.14 'The Company' is not liable for damages or issues caused by factors outside of 'The Company' control including "Acts of Nature", adverse weather conditions, flooding, vandalism or accidental damage.


  • 7.15 Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, 'The Customer' has an right to reject goods that are unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described and to get a full refund. This right is limited to 30 days from the date 'The Customer' took ownership of the goods.


  • 7.16 If an item is faulty and needs to be returned, the customer does not have to pay the postage costs for the return of the faulty item. If the customer is asked to return an item that arrived damaged, not as described or faulty, the retailer should refund the total cost of the return as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


  • Securit GB Ltd will refund your payment to the original card, bacs details you gave us or forward a cheque once we've given the returned items a once-over visual check, but no later than 30 days after receipt at our customer returns centre - providing they pass the checks!  For any subsequent exchange we will charge you the cost of shipment detailed under 'Delivery Charges' as applicable to your location.



  • 8.1 In the event of any complaint or grievance, 'The Customer' should initially make contact by telephone on 01246 47758, followed by a formal email complaint to [email protected] or letter to 'The Company' address.


  • 8.2 For efficient handling, 'The Customer' should state upon all correspondence; (a) their name, (b) their address, (c) their sales invoice number, (d) the product, and (e) a description of their complaint.

9. LAW

  • These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with UK Law.


  •  All sales conducted through 'The Company' are subject to these terms and conditions.